In Architecture, a great design process is critical. For Sarah Lee Architecture, keeping the owner at the center of the process is our key to success.


The first step in the design process is understanding who you are, learning about your style and how you envision your new home. My passion comes from the relationships I build with my homeowners. That begins here.


This is where the fun begins!  I go back to my office and spend time sketching 2-3 floor plan options using what I learned in our initial conversations and some of my own creativity.  We then work side by side through the different options until we have reached your ideal design.

Construction Documents

After we have reached the final design, I spend time on the construction documents.  These include all of the necessary detailed and dimensioned drawings.  At this point, you now have a complete set of architectural drawings that your contractor will use to develop a final budget and to build your dream home!

Meet Sarah

In 2008, I opened Sarah Lee Architecture and changed my design focus from large scale projects to homes. I believe that a home is an expression of the people that live there and I’m dedicated to making each project unique in size, function and style. 

I think an architect’s job is to highlight what people really care about and to simplify and streamline the rest. I focus on getting to know my homeowners and bringing their ideas to life. While creating a strong sense of place, each home tells a story – the homeowner’s story.

What’s my story? Simple and relaxed – it’s who I am as a person and is reflected in my work. My husband and I love to travel!  I enjoy pulling inspiration from my surroundings. We spend our trips walking down neighborhood streets, driving through the countryside or sitting (sometimes for hours!) at a sidewalk café watching the place around us. My experiences influence my work. Whether I’m on the streets of London or on site with a homeowner, I take in what’s around me, listen, watch, and apply what I learn to my designs.